Dry Eye Quiz

SPEED™ Questionnaire

SPEED™ Questionnaire
For the Standardized Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness (SPEED) Questionnaire, please answer the following questions by checking the box that best represents your answer. Select only one answer per question.
  • 1. Report the type of SYMPTOMS you experience and when they occur:
  • 2. Report the FREQUENCY of your symptoms using the rating list below:
    0 = Never
    1 = Sometimes
    2 = Often
    3 = Constant
  • 3. Report the SEVERITY of your symptoms using the rating list below:
    0 = No Problems
    1 Tolerable - not perfect, but not uncomfortable
    2 = Uncomfortable - irritating, but does not interfere with my day
    3 = Bothersome - irritating and interferes with my day
    4 = Intolerable - unable to perform my daily tasks
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