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Emergency Eye Care

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In an eye emergency, time is of the essence. Our experienced eye doctors have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle a wide range of eye emergencies.

While a visit to the emergency room may be necessary in some cases, our state-of-the-art technology and expertise allow us to diagnose and treat many conditions right in our office. You’ll receive urgent care when you need it most without the long wait times typically associated with emergency rooms.

What is considered an eye emergency?

Any injury or symptom that causes significant discomfort or affects your ability to see clearly should be treated as an emergency. This includes foreign objects in the eye, chemical burns, sudden vision loss, severe eye pain, and eye injuries from accidents or sports-related activities. If you notice a sudden increase in eye floaters or see flashes of light, contact us immediately as these could be signs of retinal detachment. This is a serious issue that requires immediate care to prevent permanent vision loss.

What to do in an eye emergency

In the event of an eye emergency, it is essential to stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Don’t attempt to remove an object stuck in your eye. 
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes; it could make things worse.  
  • If chemicals get in your eyes, flush your eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Remove contact lenses if you wear them. Don’t reinsert them until instructed to do so by a professional. 
  • Have someone else drive you to our office or the emergency room. 

Emergency eye care services in Santa Fe, NM

Every second counts in an eye emergency. Whether you’re dealing with a foreign object in your eye or sudden vision loss, we are here to provide you with personalized care tailored to your needs. Remember that any injury or symptom that impacts your vision should be taken seriously. Don’t hesitate to get the expert care you need; contact us immediately for emergency eye care in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

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Comprehensive eye care goes beyond a glasses prescription or contact lenses and meets the needs for all primary eye care treatments.